miércoles, julio 11, 2007

Las 101 reglas del nu-metal

Si, Metalsucks lo hace de nuevo! Y seamos sinceros, este "genero" musica se lo merecia!

Entre ellas estan:

* Insist that your band is “metal” at all times.

* Your drummer must be topless during live concerts.

* Your fanbase must comprise of 90% morons that have usernames on the internet patterned after your band (ie. Mudvayne fans - DeathBloomsDig99) and the last 10% with smart guys that use original names.

* When kids start calling your band “sell-outs,” reply that if they were on your position they´d do the same thing as well.

* Say that you´re going to commit suicide whenever no one pays attention to you.

Y obviamente:

If you are a new band, cover an old 80s song and make it as catchy as you can. Ship this song as your first radio single - instant success!

Les suena? Lean el resto aqui.

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