viernes, julio 06, 2007

Las 101 reglas del metal progresivo...

Cortesia de (Uno de los pocos sitios sobre metal con sentido del humor...) tenemos esta maravilla. Incluye:

* Release a live-album called “Live in Tokyo”.

* Talent = Technical skill. Hail any band with lightning-speed solos for their immense talent.

* When showcasing a new prog metal band to a non-musician friend, put on the most technically difficult song, and skip directly to the solo part.

* Always start with the most technically difficult song you know. Remember, this is a testament to your immense talent, so be sure to mention this on every internet community you happen to frequent.

* Play air-drums or air-guitar at concerts. This will make sure that other prog fans recognize your immense talent.

* Get an Ibanez. This is not negotiable.

* Own every side-project a member of Dream Theater has been involved in. Listen to approximately none of them regularly.

Los dejo con todo lo que quisieron saber sobre el rock progresivo italiano y no tuvieron a quien preguntarle... Ahora si, hablando en serio, este es un sitio genial si les interesa el rock progresivo: La Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progresive Rock.

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