jueves, abril 07, 2011

Hoy hace 20 años salio el "Blue Lines" de Massive Attack

20 años de Massive Attack... Wow!

Asi que celebremos con "Safe From Harm". En vivo...

"I was lookin' back to see if you were lookin' back at me to see me lookin' back at you"

Y con "Unfinished Sympathy". En Glastonbury...

"You're the book that i have opened and now i've got to know much more
the curiousness of your potential kiss has got my mind and body aching"

Pero del "Blue Lines" me encanta "One Love". Esa voz de Horace Andy... Y ese increible mensaje:

"It's you i love and not another..."

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Nathalie dijo...

El kernel Linux tambien cumplió 20 años :)