viernes, marzo 18, 2011

"If someone is willing to sit down and listen to an album, you want to give them something that is worthy of their time and attention"

Una entrevista con Moby... Y creo que es una entrevista muy inteligente porque el entrevistador supo realizar muy buenas preguntas. Y Moby se luce en sus respuestas!

Me gusto mucho tambien porque no solo discuten sobre su ultimo trabajo sino que tambien discuten temas como la produccion musical o los efectos neuroquimicos de la musica.

"Music is so ubiquitous and has been cheapened in our culture, but it still has the power to immediately affect people emotionally in ways that really no other art form can. To be emotionally affected by a novel, you sort of have to read the whole book. But you can be neurochemically affected by Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” within the first five seconds of the song".

Tambien discuten la situacion actual de "riesgos" y la paranoia que la rodea...

"And there’s a huge danger — and I’m definitely guilty of it — of seeing disaster as the norm rather than the exception"

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