martes, noviembre 09, 2010

The Radio Dept saca compilacion de singles...

Si mi "Magic People Burro People". Una de las bandas favoritas de saca "Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002-2010". Una muy buena noticia! Y son nada mas y nada menos que 2 CDs!!!

Muy buena caratula entre otras cosas...

Gocen el tracklist


01 Why Won't You Talk About It?
02 Where Damage Isn't Already Done
03 Annie Laurie
04 Ewan
05 Pulling Our Weight
06 This Past Week
07 The Worst Taste in Music
08 We Made the Team
09 Bachelor Kisses
10 Freddie and the Trojan Horse
11 David
12 Heaven's on Fire
13 Never Follow Suit
14 The New Improved Hypocrisy


01 Liebling
02 We Would Fall Against the Tide
03 You and Me Then?
04 Peace of Mind
05 Tåget
06 Slottet
07 What You Sell
08 Mad About the Boy
09 Closing Scene
10 Messy Enough
11 The Idle Urban Contemporaries
12 All About Our Love
13 On Your Side
14 The One

Obviamente los dejo con "Heaven's On Fire"

"When i look at you heaven's on fire..."

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